My Professional Experience

Musical Memories is a single -operated business. Owned by Madison native, Erin Crowley.

In 1988, I was hired as a mobile disc jockey for a Madison based multi-op DJ company called Music 4U.
(“Multi-op” is the term used to describe a DJ company with more than one disc jockey employed) I worked with
that outfit for seven years and “learned the ropes.” In 1995, I developed Musical Memories Mobile DJ Service with eight events as a single-op. (One DJ entertaining and running a DJ company.) Musical Memories Entertainment continues to thrive today, still a single-op, averaging over fifty events a year.
Also during this time I have entertained for many different venues. In 1990 I started to DJ at a roller rink
in Madison called Fast Forward Skate Center. (If you lived in Madison and the surrounding area and went to middle school anytime in the 90ís and the early millennium, I most likely entertained your schoolís private party at the rink.) I stayed there for over fourteen years. In the early 90ís I have also played music at various clubs throughout the Madison area including Pearlís Nightclub, The Game Preserve, and Flashbacks. From 1995 to 2002, I started employment for a franchise called Damonís The Place For Ribs. They are a sports oriented restaurant chain, and I became a nightly MC, controlling NTN Trivia and audio/video programming. During my stay with Damonís, I became a corporate trainer, traveling around the country and world training others on A/V equipment and the Damonís concept.

In 1999, I dabbled in radio and was hired for Clear Channelís WZEE (Z-104) for nine months, doing on-air-personality on Friday overnight shifts. I just realized that for a while there, between the club scene, the rink circuit, and the Damonís restaurants, I was a pretty familiar face in and around Madison. I have entertained for such a wide variety of people at many different stages of life. From pre-schoolers learning how to skate, to couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries. I still enjoy musically entertaining people, and wouldnít give it up for anything. I will continue to do so as long as I can.